Flash Fiction

This month’s been busy, unfortunately not in the world of crafting words. That’s because Real Life beckons and who can ignore the stylistic rantings of getting the bills paid?

In the meantime I’ve tinkered with a couple of new short stories and fussed with a couple of old ones. I plan on submitting a couple for contest consideration. Time to get out my best words!

One of my friends turned me on to “flash fiction” as a way of consolidating my ideas into a minimum of words. Here’s a great site to consider. I spent most of yesterday morning looking around, it was that fun.

Most flash fiction short stories are less than 1,000 words. That’s not much to play around with.

I’m the type of person who suffers from too many words. An embarrassment of words.  Narrowing them down is a great exercise, one that will help with the re-write of the Epic Novel.

I’ve done the 50 Worders, and that was murder. (Hey, that rhymes!) A word limit is a great idea, one that I wish I’d have turned on to before I began writing Epic Novel.

As for non-writing news, my oldest graduated from college last week, the youngest is home for the summer, and it’s getting hot and sticky. There’s a huge world out there and not enough time to get it all down.

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2 Responses to Flash Fiction

  1. I’m like you Pande; can’t write it down fast enough.

    Dr. B

  2. joannehuspek says:

    Dr. B, we both need another lifetime! Or two… 🙂

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