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November 20, and I’m so happy to announce that I have hit over 38K words in NaNoWriMo thus far. (That’s not counting what I’ve written in notebooks. If push comes to shove, I’ll type directly from my written notes. That … Continue reading

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Last Sunday, I was at Leon and Lulu’s Books and Authors event, which is always, always a fun time, even if you aren’t selling a lot of books. (I sold a few.) This store is a great place to people-watch … Continue reading

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Warning: Shameless self-promotion It only took three weeks of monkeying around with the layout of Shorts (the worst part of self-publishing, if you ask me!). Word of advice to poets: it’s likely your layout will not survive the digital age. … Continue reading

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I have returned after ten mostly restful days in San Francisco and northern California. (I know. HOW? How is it that I’ve returned? It’s a major effort to drive back to the airport each time. I’d just as soon stay … Continue reading

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My feet spending a week in San Francisco Isn’t it amazing what work a writer can complete just by getting the hell out of Dodge and camping out in a cheap motel halfway across the country? I’ve only been in … Continue reading

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Give love a chance. If you think I’ve been strangely silent online, you would be right. I could blame it on Real Life (that’s a good scapegoat), or health problems, or logistical stress, but it’s more. Whether Twitter, Facebook, or … Continue reading

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This is the Duchess of Hayes. She cannot read, but she sleeps under my right armpit when I do. This weekend I took a brief rest from my endeavors of slapping together my chap book (poetry, flash, and tiny essays). … Continue reading

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