Busy, Business, Busy-ness

I haven’t really fallen off a turnip truck and am suffering from amnesia, but we can always pretend. It’s just that I’ve been majorly overwhelmed. Pulled in too many directions all at once. Which makes me feel rushed. Which makes me feel cranky.

passportphotoAs you can see, I’ve had this face since the beginning.

This is not an excuse (I’m lazy, yes we know), but just to update you on what’s been happening:


I just finished taking a writing course with Michelle Richmond. It was not only fun and interesting, being in this small group of writers gave me the sufficient kick in the pants that I needed to get the story rolling. I’ve been working on this concept for the last year and a half, with nothing to show but several scenes sketching out my characters and what happens to them. Getting into a class where there are assignments really got me thinking about what I want to say with this particular novel.

Being in a class was great, but I found the one-hour video classes really invigorating. (Even though I’m terribly unphotogenic and with all the windows in the house, there’s really no good room to sit in and not have glare bouncing off the screen. Very distracting.) Writers, we need each other to compare and contrast our work. I’m a huge proponent of taking classes, even if the class is not in your genre. It’s a good exercise to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Virtually Yours Forever will be released this year. Even if I have to jump through hoops of fire! Even if I must walk through a football field of broken glass!

I have also spent the month compiling the next book. This one is narrative non-fiction, from years of online posts I’ve made – as another person. Some of the essays were extremely dated and did not make the cut, but it was amazing to see that many of my opinions are still relevant all these years later. I’ll probably publish under a pen name, as this is pretty racy stuff!


What would life be without the business of it? In the Day Job, things are picking up with the onset of spring. Everyone wants to drive now. My husband is ready to schedule Christmas classes (say it ain’t so!). I’m feeling so cosmically windblown, I’d like to retire T-O-D-A-Y. (That’s not looking like an option at this time.)

As for the business of writing, I’m seriously thinking of starting my own publishing company. Thanks to attending many workshops during the San Francisco Writers Conference and after joining IBPA, I’ve decided to consolidate my creative work into one company. When I get a moment to breathe and to accomplish this feat, I will let you know the status.


I am always on the move, whether it’s writing, working, or working in my yard. Winter is not completely over, but I’m getting my garden ready. I find that turning dirt into edibles a fulfilling enterprise. Plus I get the best ideas while I’m weeding and planting. Currently, I’m starting seeds indoors. (It’s snowed on Mothers Day before, so I’m taking no chances!) I found a wonderful place for seeds you don’t normally get at the local nursery, like many types of bok choy, wasabi, and others. My angel trumpet also had one seed pod, so I will be planting them, too. (Like I need 75 more angel trumpet plants.)

Other than that, life is life, and a writer’s life usually includes more life than a person can deal with. The upside is that I will never want for inspiration!

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