No News is Good News? and Blasting Away

No word yet on the novel (Finding Cadence) sent to the esteemed Alan Rinzler, but I suppose that’s to be considered. The book needs a lot of work, and he’s likely flummoxed over it.

In the meantime, I’ve put Virtually Yours on the editing back burner (after adding a short paragraph-blog post at the beginning) and have been diligently emailing queries at a rate of approximately two a week. In fact, I just sent another one a few minutes ago. So far, request for one partial. I’m not complaining about the wait; I have other things to do in the meantime.

I wonder if other writers get the way I am sometimes, or is it my own case of adult onset ADD? I am enamored of my works at different times, so caught up that all I can do is think about a scene to add or something else to tweak. Then after the hysteria dies down, I close the file and can’t stand the thought of opening it again. Or if I do open it, the heady rush-love affair feeling has dissipated and all I can think is “Meh?”

I couldn’t stand to open Cadence for over a year after I typed the words “The End” at the bottom of my 175K monstrosity. It was just too horrific. Embarrassing. The thought of editing made me nauseous. So I started the next book, and let that one rest.

It was full steam ahead with Virtually Yours. I couldn’t wait to get to it. With the help of an editor, I noted the weaknesses and strengths. I revised. I studied. I honed the personalities of my characters and made them more real. I tweaked, and tweaked some more.

Once complete, I did go back and worry over certain parts of it. But then, I re-opened Cadence and discovered it wasn’t that bad of a book at all. I was hit by a blast of new found energy.

Many writers I know say I should stick to one story before moving on to the next. I just can’t constrain myself to those rules. I have dozens of stories in my head, and a few more in various states of disrepair in my computer. If I’m not constantly jotting something down or emailing myself a link or starting a new WIP, I would go nuts.

Of course, I realize that writers with far more discipline would probably say the same about my modus operandi. But we all know I’m nuts, right?


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    Mmhmm. But I say do what works for you and it seems like this does… Keep up the good work! I’m proud of you. I mean, you finished not one, but two. When I first met you, they were still in your head. You’ve come a long way, baby! : )

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