Woo-EEE! One of My Entries is a Finalist!

Gentle readers, in case you are on the other side of the world, or living  under a rock like those two Neanderthals on that Geico commercial, or totally deaf, dumb and blind, you would know by now that one of my entries in the San Francisco Writers Conference contest is a finalist! That’s right, a finalist! If you haven’t heard, I’d be surprised: I’ve been wildly sending Tweets and Facebook stati and email all over the place. This was greeted by congrats from everywhere, and a sassy comeback from my daughter asking me when she can find the book on the local Barnes and Noble’s shelf.

You know me: I tend to go ape-shit crazy over the tiniest positive outcome to my writing. Heck, I even celebrated my first rejection letter last year.

A finalist! Zow-eee! That’s right, I sent in both VIRTUALLY YOURS and FINDING CADENCE. It was Cadence that got the nod.

Well, that’s the good news.

The bad news is that I have 24 fellow finalists in my class, adult fiction. Everyone who I’ve ever met at this conference and in other places are not only good writers, they are great writers. Me? I’m a wannabe, a hanger-on, a flounderer with a pen, a writer with a dream. I’m a wish-baby, a neophyte, a tadpole in the organic soup of the literary world. Besides, I’m still learning.


So, the first thing on the agenda is going over Cadence. No, that’s the second thing. I need to make a final pass over Virtually Yours. I attempted a pass over the weekend, and to my dismay found plenty of typos. I’m terrible at proofreading. THEN, I will start again on Novel #1.

The conference is next week, and I don’t have much time.

See you in San Francisco. If you’re not going, send me a prayer or two.

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4 Responses to Woo-EEE! One of My Entries is a Finalist!

  1. nanis says:

    If you are a finalist among great writers, then I submit that you, too, are a great writer. Enjoy every minute, and I hope you win it all!

  2. Aniko says:

    Congrats again< Joanne! Will you have time to meet people who are neither writers nor agents?

  3. drtombibey says:

    Way to go! That is very very big.

    Dr. B

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